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Russia - World Champion!

Final game: Russia – Brazil 12:8 (3:2, 6:2, 3:4)
The Russian national team met twice with the Brazilians in the finals of the World Championship. In 2007, in Rio within the group stage Russian national team lost only on penalties with a score 4:5. The following year, in Marseille, Russian national team lost to future champions Buru and Co. With a score 4:6, demonstrating one of the most beautiful games of the tournament.
This time, Russians looked more confident. Likhachev’s players won five straight wins in main time, controlling all games. In final game against Brazil Russian national team showed its best and won the game with a score 12:8.
Top scorer – Andre
Best goalkeeper – Andrey Bukhlitskiy
Best player – Ilya Leonov