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Mundialito de Clubes beach soccer

After the Official Draw, the participating teams were split into two different groups of five: A and B.  The competition format follows a first two group Round Robin stage. The best four teams of each group qualify for the quarterfinals. According to unofficial information, Palmeiras (Brasil) will take the 5th team place in Group A.  
This is the final distribution of teams:
Group A
Seattle Sounders
Sportig Clube Portugal
Lokomotiv Moscow
Brazil 4
Group B
Vasco da Gama
Boca Juniors
FC Barcelona
AC Milan
And the Match Schedule goes as follows:

March 19th
8h30 - Lokomotiv Moscow x Seattle Sounders
10h - Corinthians x Sporting Portugal*
11h15 - Boca Juniors x Milan
12h 30 - Vasco x Barcelona

March 20th
8h30 - Lokomotiv Moscow x Brasil 4
10h - Flamengo x AC Milan
11h15 - Vasco da Gama x Boca Juniors
12h30 - Corinthians x Seattle

March 21st
13h - Seattle Sounders x Sporting Portugal
14h15 - FC Barcelona x Boca Juniors
15h30 - Vasco x Flamengo
16h45 - Brasil 4 x Corinthians

March 22nd
13h - Lokomotiv Moscow x Sporting Portugal
14h15 - Barcelona x Milan
15h30 - Brasil 4 x Seattle Sounders
16h45 - Flamengo x Boca Juniors

March 23rd
13h - Vasco da Gama x AC Milan
14h15 - Brasil 4 x Sporting Portugal
15h30 - Lokomotiv Moscow x Corinthians
16h45 - Flamengo x FC Barcelona

March 24th
13h - Quarterfinals
14h15 - Quarterfinals
15h30 - Quarterfinals
16h45 - Quarterfinals

March 25th
15h30 - semifinal
16h45 - semifinal

March 26th
8h30 – 3rd place final
10h - Final*