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“Spring Cup 2010” tournament to be held in Portugal

The “Spring Cup 2010” beach soccer tournament is to be started in Viseu (Portugal) on April 9. It should be noted that Russia, Portugal, Switzerland and England will participate at the mentioned competition. The time-table of matches have been already prepared. According to the time-table participating teams will hold their games on the round robin basis. It should be lso mentioned that all the games will be held in indoor premises. The first game will be between Russia and Switzerland, and the second – between Portual and England.
«Spring Cup 2010», Viseu, Portugal. April 9-11, 2010
Aprel 9, Friday
18-30 Russia – Switzerland
20-00 Portugal – England
Aprel 10, Saturday                  
14-30 Switzerland – England
17-00 Portugal – Russia
Aprel 11, Sunday                  
15-30 Russia – England
17-00 Portugal – Switzerland
All games are shown according to Baku time.