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Mexico Cup 2010

The first day of the Mexico Cup 2010 was a blast, Spain managed to catch up with Brasil soaring up to a draw at 4, but then they were quickly torn apart by Brazil’s quality performance leaving them behind with a final score of 7-4. The dispute between Mexico and Argentina was tense, the hosts took over the reins of the match and sunk their opponents into the sand achieving a heroic 2-1.

On Saturday, World Champions Brazil defeated Argentina once again by 4-2 and Mexico beat Spain 3-1.
The last day brought the most fans to the stands who were keen on watching Spain overwhelm Argentina with a proud 9-5 and Brazil had a further chance to show off with their game techniques to win 4-1 over Mexico. Spectators had a real chance to watch the sand fly high and the ball get smashed into the net at fascinating speed.

Complete results:

Friday, March 5
Brazil 7 x 4 Spain
Argentina 1 x 2 Mexico

Saturday, March 6
Brazil 4 x 2 Argentina
Mexico 3 x 1 Spain

Sunday, March 7
Spain 9 x 5 Argentina
Mexico 1 x 4 Brazil